Breathe the Cure’s first mission has been to establish its FUNdamentals of Breathing Program in elementary schools with the children. Teaching children the tools of quality breathing at a very young age can make a meaningful difference in their lives by helping them with numerous issues such as focus and attention, stress, and disorders such as asthma. The program is also designed for middle schools, high schools and adults, including business and corporations. We see a FUNdamental Breathing chart next to the food pyramid chart as a way to promote nutrition and breath together. They both feed the body and keep it healthy.

After the introduction of our program, we will then administer questionnaires catered to teachers, parents and children. The children will be shown a questionnaire of faces to show changes in feelings/emotions to assess changes in moods and other correlations. The emoti-art for children allows them to express how they feel and will be called moodras. We begin by first introducing what are mudras – gestures, usually hand gestures, that symbolize a particular activity or quality (teaching, offering, etc) in the ancient vedic tradition. Breathe the Cure released an activity book using Moodras as original art work for coloring and demonstration of the mudra techniques.

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