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Please support our mission to share the FUNdamentals of life through Mindful Breathing and Intentional Practices!

We need a publicist to bring our book The FUNdamentals of Breathing and Yoga into five hospitals or organizations by MAY 2015!

My husband died from cardiac arrest in 2001. In the last four years, all my grandfathers, my father, my mother, and two family friends – Tony & Jeff – loved ones who have died from heart disease or cancer. How does this happen?

I was diagnosed with LBBB in 2003 and I have no idea how long I will be on this planet. While I am here, I hope to inspire people to learn how to breathe, unite and love! I am truly passionate about helping others.

Let’s do this! Help us create change. Let’s BE the change we wish to see in the world.


Jenny B.




raised of a $20,000.00 goal

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  1. Harlan Friedman says:

    This is for the Lululemon kickoff session yoga at the TYC 2015 on Friday.

    • Aneudy says:

      Unfortunately, I think there is frequenty the mecsonciption that many practices from the far east are religion based. I can remember attending a conservative christian church many years ago that would not allow a karate class to use the gym because they felt it was in conflict with the church’s theology. Yoga can be very spiritual, but not in a religious worshipful way. It is more in the same way one may have a positive experience and feeling while sitting at the beach watching the waves roll in; sitting under a shady tree listening to the soft melody of wind chimes; enjoying the view from a mountain top; or being hushed by the majesty of the Grand Canyon. Any serene activity can promote spirituality not religious spiritualiy but the my-soul-feels-peaceful kind. I have practiced yoga for years. I find the simple act of letting go of my thoughts to enable me to listen carefully to the instructor and follow her lead into the next pose, is in itself restful. The body is gently challenged to stretch and flex while I focus on nothing more than it. I come out of my yoga practice feeling relaxed and calm, ready for the chaos to begin again. It is good for my spirit !

  2. Jenny says:

    How are you? Thank you for the donation! 🐬🐳🐢

    I just finalized the 2016 schedule :) Stay tuned!!!! Miss seeing you!