by Trevor Bradshaw

Recently it’s been reported that many patients practicing yoga during cancer recovery have found that the recovery time is considerably reduced and their quality of life is greatly improved. While many yoga practitioners may not be surprised to hear that yoga can help cancer patients to slowly regain the strength in their body, making them stronger and more likely to fully recover from the cancer, it is striking to find that a recent study shows that 94% of breast cancer patients practicing yoga found it to increase their quality of life and 80% reported it made them feel less fatigued.

In an age when hospitals continue to become more specialized studies on the health benefits of yoga have prompted the medical community to take notice. Today, most doctors, including the extremely well-regarded Mayo Clinic, have taken note of how yoga benefits patients recovering from cancer in myriad ways.

Patients recovering from cancer, especially extremely debilitating cancers like leukemia or mesothelioma, are recommended to try yoga because it can offset many of the negative symptoms related to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Cancer patients often undergo these painful treatments and struggle with the fatigue and nausea they cause. Even a mild yoga program, however, helps to relieve this nausea, likely one of the reasons so many patients reported their quality of life increasing.

Best of all, a yoga practice does not have to be strenuous to be effective. A patient will only need to set aside a brief period time each day that they can devote to yoga in order to make it a part of their daily routine. Even only practicing two or three days a week provides beneficial results that will promote relaxation and energy. In addition, patients recovering from cancer have the luxury of either practicing yoga in the comfort of their own homes, or out in a more structured yoga class.

Overall, for those that are recovering from cancer yoga is a one of the best ways to gain strength back in the body. It also allows patients to relax and improve their energy levels and decrease their stress. All in all it’s becoming more recognized that yoga can play a vital part in making sure cancer patients fully recover.