Breathe the Cure® (Breathecure) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2007 dedicated to the promotion of general wellbeing for families, caregivers, cancer patients and survivors, and patients experiencing symptoms of other illnesses or conditions; and to promote wellness overall. It has been clinically proven that yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques calm the body and mind to promote a sense of well being using breathing techniques which can help patients cope with their disease and treatments. The “missing link” to the mind and body is the breath.

Breathe the Cure® currently facilitates breathing programs designed to identify breathing weaknesses in an individual’s breathing pattern and adequately teaches the importance of conscious, quality breathing to bring fresh, oxygenated blood into the mindbody. We facilitate breathing workshops in various settings such as in schools of all ages and grade levels, hospitals, clinics, small businesses and corporations, and special events.

Our word “cure” is from the Latin word cura, whose basic meaning is “care, concern, attention, carefulness.” Breathing with attention or care is the mission of Breathe the Cure®. Conscious breathing has been shown to reduce side effects of various treatments often associated with disease and to aid in the prevention of dis-ease. Breathe the Cure® aims to inspire consciousness with breath and to educate others on the multiple benefits of quality breathing, meditation and yoga.

The FUNdamentals of Breathing Program

Fundamentals of Breathing Activity Book

Fundamentals of Breathing Activity Book

Breathe the Cure®’s first mission has been to establish its FUNdamentals of Breathing Program in elementary schools with the children. Teaching children the tools of quality breathing at a very young age can make a meaningful difference in their lives by helping them with numerous issues such as focus and attention, stress, and disorders such as asthma. The program is also designed for middle schools, high schools and adults, including business and corporations. We see a FUNdamental Breathing chart next to the food pyramid chart as a way to promote nutrition and breath together. They both feed the body and keep it healthy.

Scholar Alejandro Chaoul Ph.D. and Jenny Buergermeister, MA in Transpersonal Psychology, have set up a research project to establish a baseline in children’s moods and behaviors prior to and after the introduction of Breathe the Cure®’s FUNdamental Breathing Program.

After the introduction of our program, we will then administer questionnaires catered to teachers, parents and children. The children will be shown a questionnaire of faces to show changes in feelings/emotions to assess changes in moods and other correlations. The emoti-art for children allows them to express how they feel and will be called moodras. We begin by first introducing what are mudras – gestures, usually hand gestures, that symbolize a particular activity or quality (teaching, offering, etc) in the ancient vedic tradition. Breathe the Cure released an activity book using Moodras as original art work for coloring and demonstration of the mudra techniques.

Mind-Breath-Body is not something that we invented but is the way it is expressed in many eastern traditions and is a good fit for our educational mission to teach children the importance of a quality breathing by providing visuals and experiential exercises for them to enjoy and remember.

There are four main program exercises we will introduce:

  • Sitting – lotus, savasana – we can explain the importance of relaxed mind and guided imagery to the kiddos using metaphor and story.
  • Standing – tree pose, airplane warrior, animal poses
  • Fun poses – crow and partner demonstrations, group participation
  • Oms and meditation

FUNdamentals of Breathing™ Collaborates with
Yogiños: Yoga for Youth™

Founders Jennifer Buergermeister, MA, of Breathe the Cure®, and Elizabeth Reese, Ph.D., of Yogiños: Yoga for Youth™ met in 2010 through the Texas Yoga Conference. After discovering their programs shared numerous common goals, Jenny and Beth became enthusiastic about the various possibilities for their programs. Among many possible collaborations—including weaving these life-skills into public and private K-12 school curricula—they set forth to create a children’s activity book filled with honor and respect for the yoga tradition. Here they began their adventure in seva, or service, by working together for the greater good of yoga, health and meditation for youth; and both agree one of the most under-rated yet necessary activities toward well-being is the breath!

Breathe the Cure®’s FUNdamentals of Breathing™ and Yogiños: Yoga for Youth™ teach respect and awareness of self by linking the breath from our hearts to the mind and body. Special artwork, games and mood assessment activities encourage an innovative yet fun learning platform. Our mood assessment artwork can also provide helpful program evaluation tools.

Both programs provide a beautifully rich environment for children to explore, engage, and unify not only their own mind and body, but also honor and connect with people and other cultures and languages from around the globe. For example English, Spanish, and Sanskrit are woven into the activity books and programs using original poems, games, stories, poses or asanas, and sensory integrated activities to align minds, hearts and bodies.

Through sensory integration and games, songs, and play we cultivate self-discipline of body, mind, and heart toward self-realization. To achieve these objectives, Yogiños: Yoga for Youth™ and Breathe the Cure® programs nurture and promote the participant’s imaginations, help them to find their core being and develop muscles and flexibility. We aspire to awaken children to accept and develop compassion for people, other cultures, and nature. Breathe the Cure® and Yogiños: Yoga for Youth™ both encourage kids to use yoga to stretch, strengthen, integrate senses, and develop focus. Most parents and children report a greater sense of well-being by simply using the Yogiños: Yoga for Youth™ and Breathe the Cure’s FUNdamentals of Breathing™ programs.