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Breathe the Cure (Breathecure), a Texas 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, educates adults and youth through workshops, classes and trainings on the benefits of breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga as preventative and complementary treatment of cancer and other diseases often caused by stress. Our programs also provide support and mentorship to adults and children regardless of their ethnic, cultural or socioeconomic background, fostering community as a whole. Our current programs include Jennyoga, Cura Yoga, Blue Tree Yoga, and the Texas Yoga Conference.

Our Vision:

That the FUNdamentals of Breathing activity book series will be introduced into schools, organizations and businesses on a local and national level to teach people of all ages the importance of proper breathing in a fun, collaborative way.

That our Breathe the Cure Curators will mentor children and adults who are dealing with illness to teach them how breath as one of the most powerful and natural ways to cope with symptoms of disease and every day stress.

To see graduates of our mentoring program return as mentors to those who are new to Breathe the Cure's programs.

To promote education, outreach, practice and research involving yoga, breathing, and meditation in the general population, businesses and the medical community.

To increase the level of collaboration between the yoga and medical communities to make the treatment of illnesses a more comprehensive and whole mind-body experience.

To Care (cura) for horses. Caring for horses allows volunteers to build confidence and learn techniques for life, connecting with the horses and through this connection, better understanding themselves. Breathing is the key even when working with animals toward wellness. Working with horses allows people to develop greater intuition by increasing awareness using a sensory feedback loop between the volunteer and the horses. These activities have been shown to be instrumental in helping people with illnesses, increasing their overall sense of wellbeing or even helping them to be cured. We also rehabilitate horses by training them into good companions for families and horse lovers.

Medical Yoga Symposium

Register now for the 10th annual Integrative Oncology Training Conference for Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Yoga Teachers/Mind-Body Practitioners. Studio exhibitor - $300 with two conference registrations included in that price. Discount ...

Fundamentals of Breathing and

Breathe the Cure’s first mission has been to establish its FUNdamentals of Breathing Program in elementary schools with the children. Teaching children the tools of quality breathing at a very ...


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